Meet the Jenga Master [Video]

It was the ultimate Jenga move. Honestly, they better be glad they caught it on camera because it may probably never happen again. The extremely short video shows the ultimate Jenga power play. With the quick flick of her wrist, this lucky lady knocks out the very bottom block without compromising the rest of the […]

Richard Simmons: MIA For Almost A Year

Exercise and weight loss guru, Richard Simmons, has been MIA for almost a year now. TMZ reports the eccentric fitness coach hasn’t been seen by friends and family for the majority of the year. His closest friends say they haven’t seen him since January 11. A close friend says this is unlike Simmons, who is […]

Dr. Evil Interrupts SNL To Mock North Korea, Sony Attacks

In true Dr. Evil fashion, the movie villain interrupted the cold open of Saturday Night Live to mock North Korea, Sony, and ‘The Interview’ debacle. Dr. Evil, portrayed by Michael Meyers, took several jabs at everyone, and everything, involved in the controversy. The hilarious cameo was placed in the SNL episode hosted by Amy Adams. […]

Darlene Love Performs One Last Time For David Letterman [Video]

The Rock and Roll hall of famer, Darlene Love, performed “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on The Late Show with David Letterman. Love went all out for the big performance. Check out the video. The tradition of performing on the show began in 1986, when Love was just beginning with a 4 piece band. Not […]

Are You Using These Common Words All Wrong?

LinkedIn influencer and writer, Jeff Haden, recently wrote a piece titled, “40 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb.” The article is a must read for anyone in the business world, or just someone who doesn’t want to look like an idiot. Everyone knows one misspelled word can keep your resume from getting […]

Nick Offerman Recites ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’, Kinda [Video]

Who better to tell a classic Christmas story than comedian, Nick Offerman? On the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Offerman made a guest appearance to present his rendition of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’. The story was told in true Offerman fashion, complete with sarcasm and curse words. Short and sweet, this version of […]

North Korea Denies Attacks, Wants Joint Investigation Or Else

North Korea is denying any responsibility in the cyber attacks against Sony. Reuters reports, a North Korean spokerson says  accusing North Korea is nothing by “groundless slander.” On Friday, U.S. President, Barack Obama, held a press conference in which he announced that a federal investigation had connected North Korea to the attacks, but the doctoral country says […]

In Case You Were Wondering What Christmas With A Baby Is Like [Video]

Ah, parenthood. Every minute of a parent’s life is consumed with thoughts about their child. Not just the normal wellbeing worries, like “Is he hungry? Does she need a coat? Parents have concerns you can’t even imagine until you have a little bundle of joy in your life. For example, Christmas means year round preparations. Gifts, […]