What is the Sixth Sense and how can we develop it?

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Humans are known to have five senses, but many trusted psychics argue we have a sixth sense. People also call it our “intuition” or “gut feeling.” We all have the ability to harness this ability, but it takes practice to develop.

Why would you want to develop your sixth sense, anyway? Well, it offers access to things outside of typical rationality and allows us to perceive things outside of this reality! But, if you prefer to play it safe, it can just help to develop confidence. By developing a strong intuition, it increases trust in one’s own decisions, which is pretty empowering!

Here are some steps to strengthen your sixth sense:

Meditate and spend time in nature

Get better at meditating! By slowing down our mind, we are able to read the energies around us better. When it is time to make a decision, utilize this new skill! Spend a few moments meditating to connect to how each outcome makes you feel.

Spending time in nature is so good for us. Through tuning into the natural order and paying attention to the living things around us, we can start noticing the energy that nature carries.

Listen to your inner voice

Society has taught us to only trust what we can see, hear or measure. But, our inner voice is usually right! Learn to listen. With time, you will be able to decipher your inner voice from anxiety.

Keep track of your dreams

During the night, our intuition grows very strong. This is because we cannot suppress it whilst we are sleeping. Dreams can be seen as an extension of our sixth sense.

Although they don’t always make sense at face value, it can be useful to write them down. When we do so, we can see hidden messages or repetitive patterns. The images and symbols can guide us in our waking life, or offer us an insight into our problems.

It is best to write them down as soon as you wake up, when they are fresh in your mind.




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