How To Upload Un-Cropped Photos To Instagram

Instagram NoCrop App

Instagram loyalists like the 1:1 square format because it makes the process of scrolling through photos pleasurable. If you’re a rebel, you might want to upload un-cropped photos, especially if you have a beautiful panorama shot you want to share with your IG followers. There’s now an App for that and it’s free.

The #NoCrop App automates the process of adding boarders to the top and bottom or sides of photos so they are technically square, but they look tall or wide like you want them to.

#NoCrop’s interface offers three simple parts: Import, Edit, and Share. After giving the App permission to use your photos, you import from your photo library. In Edit, you have the option of mirroring photos and the option to switch out the photo you’re looking at with a different photo from your library. In Share, you can chose to publish to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, or just save to your library.

According to Cult of Mac, lots of people were already using other Apps to edit photos and protect them from cropping, but No Big Deal Apps, the company that created the #NoCrop App wanted to make it easy-peasy. Sure enough, if you search for #NoCrop, you can see all kinds of examples of people sharing non-square photos on Instagram.

Ever wonder why Instagram photos are square in the first place? The marketing blog denuo got the scoop from Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom who says it was a design choice:

“We realized that if we were going to do photos, that we’d have to be different and stand out. Square photos displayed really well in a feed format and frankly we just liked the aspect ratio better.”

#NoCrop is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (3rd gen.), iPod Touch (4th gen.), iPod Touch (5th gen.), and iPad. It’s free in the iTunes App Store.

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