How Can Landlords Protect Themselves From Reckless Tenants?

landlords protect themselves

Reckless tenants can quickly land their landlords in serious trouble, taking some time to correct. They may not miss their rents, flout any law, or constitute a nuisance in the neighborhood, but they always forget to turn off the tap or bring friends of questionable character into their apartment. The result is often colossal damage to the landlord’s property or maybe even theft. Without the proper plan in place, a reckless tenant can ruin a lifetime investment of their landlord. If you are a landlord, here are some things you can do to protect yourself from careless tenants.

Have An Explicit Lease

Before allowing tenants to move into your house, you should have someone draft a detailed lease spelling out your maintenance expectations. The lease should contain the intervals you want your tenants to maintain some facilities and use limitations.

It should also include penalties for anyone that damages your property. With this information and strict enforcement, you can save yourself the headache of repeatedly fixing the same facility. You also have some legal backings should you decide to press charges against such tenants because they would have signed the agreement before packing in.

Obtain A Renter’s Insurance

Even the most conscientious tenant can sometimes make mistakes leading to unfortunate incidences like a massive fire outbreak, water pipe damage, or vandalism. That is why a landlord’s protection against reckless tenants is incomplete without a renter’s insurance.

The insurance policy allows you to make claims when scenarios come up without having to break a bank. If you’re wondering where to get the best renter’s insurance policy, then do your homework and find a reliable source. The best resources will actually allow you to get a quote and to get it here on the spot so you know what you’re working with. But before subscribing, check what the policy covers, the scope, and the price. With the right renter’s insurance, you can quickly get things in place and restore your space after an unfortunate incident caused by a carefree tenant.

Routine Inspections

Landlords that are not living with their tenants should regularly visit their property to check out their maintenance. Such visits should be unannounced so that the landlord can get a first-hand assessment of the regular use and maintenance of the building. Through this routine inspection, landlords can quickly nip a problem in the bud before it escalates. Since they know that the landlord will always come for an unannounced inspection, erring tenants will also have to adjust or prepare to leave. Landlords mustn’t show favoritism in their dealing with tenants. One law should apply to all, regardless of individual status.


Planning against some forms of recklessness from tenants is better than thinking it cannot happen. Even with rigorous background checks and routine inspections, mistakes do happen. However, some mistakes can leave a landlord stranded and unable to meet their financial obligations. The best protection against any reckless act from tenants is getting a renter’s insurance. Good enough, there are plenty of options in this regard, and you can even get a quote before subscribing. An appropriate renter’s insurance can be the difference between a landlord that would bounce back from a fire outbreak and one that would become insolvent.


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