Is the Spanish custom of taking a siesta good?

We put on the table one of the most difficult issues to deal with in Spanish territory. That little dream after lunch, which in many cases lasts a long time, seems like it can’t hurt anyone. That is why today we are going to answer the definitive question that Spanish men and women need to know: is it good to take a siesta?

The definitive answer: yes, but brief

There are many studies related to napping. Even NASA has gone so far as to conduct research on those little midday breaks.
The answer to the question of whether napping is beneficial is yes. But of course, we are talking about a nap of between 15 and 30 minutes. These small energy recharges are very beneficial to face the rest of the day.
But this does not mean that a long nap cannot be restorative. Those pajama naps, opening the newly made bed and melting into the mattress can be the perfect remedy if we have accumulated sleep or are sick.
We must also bear in mind that our pace of life does not allow us to take a nap every day. Therefore, doing it between 2 and 3 times a week is perfect to start noticing its benefits.

What are the benefits of napping?

Taking a nap has a number of unimaginable benefits. And it is that that rest after eating seems that it can be even rejuvenating. Maybe not so much, but let’s review the list of benefits of taking a good nap.

Increased memory and concentration

One of the main benefits of a nap is that it helps increase memory and concentration, since our brain is much more rested when it has been inactive for a short period of time.

increased positivity

There are people who always wake up after sleeping in a bad mood. That is incurable, but taking a nap does increase positivity for a couple of hours after waking up. This was demonstrated by a study from the University of Berkley in California, since people who got up after taking a nap were more receptive to stimuli of happiness.

Blood pressure reduction

For people who suffer from high blood pressure due to stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, nothing better than taking a good nap. This is because when we sleep we reduce our heart rate, which helps maintain lower blood pressure.

Power creativity

Taking a nap is capable of making us more creative, mainly because it is said that the right side of the brain, the most creative, receives sparks while we are taking a nap.

Reduction of heart problems

Taking a nap reduces stress, which translates into improving the life of our heart. This is because lack of sleep often increases cortisol levels, which causes diseases that can affect our cardiovascular system.

recharge the batteries

Although it is obvious, taking a nap helps us face the afternoon with much more energy. Sleeping, whenever it is, is synonymous with a much more useful brain.

Improved alertness

After waking up from a nap, we may find ourselves a little more groggy than usual. But this fades quickly, and after that period our alertness is greatly benefited.

Good cognitive performance

Yes, taking a nap also translates into thinking better and much faster. This is essential especially for people who work in the afternoon, since if they have taken a nap they will perform much better in their job.

We can last longer awake

If we plan to stay awake longer than usual, taking a nap can be a good ally. Sleeping 1 or 2 hours at noon can be like having a coffee at midnight, which is perfect if we have plans to go out for a drink with friends or if we work at night.

When is the best time to take a nap?

If you are Spanish or Spanish you will already know the answer. And it is that the siesta is made for after eating. Between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. is the best time to take a short nap, since if we do it later it may cost us a little more at bedtime.
Try to do it in a place that is pleasant for you, since this way the sleep will be much more restful. The living room, your usual bed or a hammock in the garden are the perfect places to take a nap.
One piece of advice to keep in mind is that, if the dream can and you have the possibility, do not resist! According to a study from the University of Murcia, genes determine whether we should take a little nap or not. So succumb to your genetics!
We hope that your question about whether taking a nap is beneficial has been resolved, and we hope that you no longer feel so bad when you take that little snooze right after eating.

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