How To Use Social Media Marketing To Grow Your Small Business

social media marketing

Social media marketing has boosted growth and sales for many businesses worldwide. The marketing world loves these platforms as you can multiply your sales with little to no investment. This simple trick has made small businesses big corporate houses today. This is your sign to begin your social media marketing journey as soon as possible.

Many people believe that social media marketing is uploading posts occasionally. Therefore, they fail to obtain the success that was promised to them. To correctly incorporate social media into their marketing strategy, one must follow several guidelines. This blog will discuss these guidelines to ensure you can use social media marketing to grow your small business.

        Social Media Platform

Every social media platform is unique. They have different audiences with varying age groups, interests, and attention spans. This makes it crucial for your brand to choose which social media platform to spread awareness on carefully. Depending on the platform, you should tailor your content. This will ensure your brand receives maximum visibility unlocking the full potential of social media marketing. To illustrate an example, let us take a few of the most popular platforms:

  1. Facebook: You can easily find and interact with local and global people. They prefer video content that is 1 min 30 seconds long. You can post normal textual content; however, it is known that videos engage the audience better. You can find older generations on this app so remember to use old-school references.
  2. Instagram: If your target is the younger generation, this is the perfect place for you. This platform is heavily focused on visuals. Hence, upload concise yet entertaining videos and posts to generate the best results.
  3. LinkedIn: Best for B2B businesses. You can find corporate, and organization leaders here and easily sell your product or services. This is a great place to establish a network too.
  4. Twitter: You can find a mix of audiences here. On Twitter, your best way to get the most visibility is by being humorous. Your account must adopt witty humor to gain the attention of the audience.

        Find Your Rhythm

Every social media platform is different, but they all have one thing in common. If you want results, you need to be consistent. There is no set pattern on how consistent one must be with their posts, but each platform has an optimal consistency you can find on the internet. Find your rhythm and see what works best for you and your customers. Some users get disengaged by too many posts, so be careful not to overdo it. You could be posting every day or two posts a week. Try to create a variety of content by using images and videos occasionally.

        Have Realistic Goals

You cannot expect yourself to become an overnight sensation with your first post or hit 10 million followers after a month of posting. You need to have realistic goals set for yourself. Reaching each goal will encourage you to work harder towards your next goal. Celebrate each time your team reaches the goal set to boost their overall morale and self-esteem. This could be by organizing a simple pizza party or bringing doughnuts for your employees.

Holding unrealistic expectations for your social media marketing will deplete the morale of your marketing team as they will not be able to reach these goals. This will make them unenthusiastic to perform, severely damaging your sales statistics, and lowering your brand’s entire marketing strategy.

        Track Your Progress

One needs to track their progress. This will gauge whether your company’s marketing strategy is proceeding as planned. Even after incorporating social media, the realistically set goals are not met. There are certain variables within social media marketing you may be doing incorrectly. The error could be in the design of posts, regularity of posts, keywords used, or the mode of content (text, image, or video) posted. Hence, tracking your progress will allow you to understand which combination of variables performs the best for your company. Your marketing team could then use this information to create the optimal marketing strategy to obtain the best results.


To carry out your marketing strategies, you need content. The quality of the advertisement content heavily impacts the result of your social media marketing strategy. Generally, creating video content boosts viewer count and engaging ability. However, your videos must be of professional quality to achieve such results.

You can use a video maker to enhance the quality of your video content. One may even find editors specific to your social media platform. There are Instagram content creation tools available online that are aware of the needs of the Instagram audience. These online tools assist in editing tailored to the specific audience on Instagram.


Being a part of the marketing team, it is your job to ensure your posts have the best results. Your posts must engage and encourage your viewers to share your content. This will multiply the success of your posts. Adding a compelling call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your video might do the trick. This will allow them to feel that you want to hear their voice and opinions through the comment. Replying to comments, private messages, and other modes of communication will also further boost the engaging ability of your social media page.


Social media marketing can be overwhelming for the first time. However, if you have a guide like this to refer to, the process can become much less daunting. Keep researching this topic and find the best video maker tool online that best suits your needs. As a small business, it is crucial to use all the available resources. It will boost your overall growth and confidence as a business owner. If you are worried you are not meeting your goals, try lowering the bar to get the ball rolling for your team and, most importantly, stay consistent with your marketing strategy even if it seems that it is not working.


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