How to use social media to grow your company’s profits?

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Implementing a corporate website is no longer enough. If you want to reach your potential customers you must also have an active presence on social networks.

Today, 62% of consumers say they have bought products that their friends have shared, and the social network that has the most weight in their purchasing decisions is Facebook, according to a report.

The first step is to choose social networks for companies wisely. It is better that you concentrate your efforts on those social networks that add value than on having many neglected accounts that convey a bad image of your brand.

The second step is to optimize your marketing actions to amplify your message and reach your target.

Here we are going to show you various strategies to make the most of social networks for companies.

Analyze the success of your publications:

Most social networks have a system of metrics that reveal the reach of your posts and the engagement they have generated.

These indicators are very important because they will allow you to better understand the needs and interests of your audience. So that you can create more and more effective publications that generate more conversions based on the relevant topics for your prospects and more powerful calls to action.

Use the proper format:

To get the most out of social media, you need to determine the most appropriate format to connect with your prospects and expand your reach.

According to a study, it is revealed that small details such as using images without a filter on Instagram can increase interactions by 21%. On Facebook, for example, videos generate more engagement, but on Instagram, its images are in a carousel format.

Carry out different tests to determine which format converts best for your business, taking into account factors such as its scope and production cost.

Get the juice out of segmentation tools:

Marketing actions on social networks are more effective when they are directed at an audience that is interested in your product or service.

If you are going to promote a discount in your physical store, for example, it does not make much sense for an internet user from another country to see it.

The possibility of carrying out geographic segmentation is one of the most interesting options of social networks for companies so that you can show ads or content to users based on their location, age and interests.

The intelligent use of filters will allow you to maximize the return on investment: you can apply them to find and connect with your prospects, determining everything from their demographic data to their income and hobbies.

Add value:

Social networks are not usually a direct sales channel, but they enhance branding actions and are a powerful tool for influencing the final decision of consumers. This means that social networks in SMEs must be a way to connect with prospects, first generating curiosity and then loyalty.

The key is to provide real value: address topics that concern or interest your prospect. A very simple strategy to detect them is to follow up on their comments and ask directly what they would like to learn from you.

Add brand ambassadors to your plan:

People often research a company or service long before they come into contact with someone on their staff. So, be aware that they may know who you are and be following you long before you’ve even spoken to them.

Do not abuse self-promotion, it is better to encourage your employees to publish content about your company and sector; that will help your potential clients to solve their possible doubts before even contacting you.

Brand ambassadors bring many benefits to a company, so many that we couldn’t explain them in a single sentence. If you want to know more about how to improve your reputation and ultimately your profits, take a look at ways to have your employees as ambassadors of your brand.

Be authentic:

Regardless of whether you are a B2B or B2C company, the contact must be from person to person. Even if you keep a professional tone, it’s important not to come across as too robotic on social media. Too much formality can put some people off or make them not feel comfortable talking to you. So, it is important to be authentic and show that you care about the problems of your current and  future clients.

Standardize social profiles:

If there are multiple people in the company using their accounts for social selling, standardizing their profiles can help you appear more professional; as well as help your brand and its business representatives appear more organized on social media.

Some things to keep in mind would be: how they mention the company in their bio, what their Twitter handle is (for example, @Company_Name), and what type of photo they use.

If you have people on your team who are relatively new to the world of sales and haven’t yet built a network of useful contacts on social media, it may be best to create a professional account from which to do the job.

However, if you’ve just hired a salesperson with experience and many contacts, then it’s most appropriate for them to continue using their account to interact with potential customers.

Shorten the distance between the online and offline world:

Motivate people who visit your business to leave a rating of the service received. When they look for you on the internet, those recommendations will become points in your favor to attract new customers.

You can also encourage them to geotag your business by offering a discount on their next purchase. Remember that when people use their smartphones to search for local businesses, the path to purchase is often very short.

You can even send gifts or personal thank you notes to your most active clients. If you want that to be a surprise, use Nuwber to find their contact info or address. Then kindly encourage them to share the experience so that it inspires others to be more active as well.

Finally, do not forget that the use of social networks in companies is a double-edged sword. it can help them become a love mark by increasing their sales with a large group of loyal customers or, on the contrary, it can seriously damage their reputation.

Therefore, the management of social networks must be part of a well-designed marketing plan, you must not leave room for improvisation.

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