Moissanite Rings: The Latest Trend in The Market

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 If you are a jewelry enthusiast, you must have heard about the “new diamond” in town. This is none other than Moissanite. However, it is in itself not a diamond. It only resembles a diamond but it is a precious gemstone with its characteristics. Today, you can buy a moissanite halo ring and think that you bought a diamond.


It is for fact that Moissanite and diamond can confuse. However, if you know the difference between these two stones, it will not be hard to differentiate.  The jewelry industry continues to evolve. We no longer live with the theory of diamond as the only beautiful and durable stone. Such stones like Moissanite are now a great alternative to it.


So, what is Moissanite?


Henri Moissan discovered this precious stone in the 1890s. The discovery came out of a study on a meteorite. Further research revealed that the stone was Silicon Carbide (SiC). Therefore, it is not diamond, which is mainly made of carbon. All the same, this beautiful stone makes most of the jewelry we see in the market today.


One of the most challenging things for jewelry lovers is the high cost of a diamond. Therefore, the search for alternatives continues to rise. Today, we have a lot more Moissanite products in the market matching those of diamond. You can buy Moissanite rings, necklaces, bracelets and any other type of jewelry.


Why Is Moissanite trending?


For a very long time, the diamond stone was the face of the jewelry industry. However, things have changed and we now have Moissanite and other stones. So, why is Moissanite increasing in popularity? Here are some of the reasons that explain this growing trend:


  1. Value and price


The cost of jewelry is high. Therefore, it puts off many people, especially those interested in buying a diamond. However, Moissanite offers a great alternative. We now have high-quality stones with diamond-like features and qualities. As a result, consumers go for these more affordable options than the expensive diamond.


  1. Good fire and brilliance


Manufacturers easily cut Moissanite into elegant smooth shapes. Therefore, they tend to produce more fire and brilliance than many stones you will find in the market. This makes Moissanite rings glow and shine bright. Therefore, people love these rings for their sparkle and shine.


  1. It’s an ethical choice


There are many more people buying Moissanite over mined stones because of ethical factors. Most of the Moissanite you will find in the market is lab-grown. Therefore, it does not cause social conflict like what happens in mining areas. Again, most people are moving towards this precious stone because it is eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint.


  1. Color Variety


With Moissanite rings, there is a variety of colors to pick from the store. Improved manufacturing processes have made it possible to have a different color variety for Moissanite stones. Therefore, consumers have a wide range of options to choose from in the market. The most common and best grade is the colorless one. However, you can also find dark grey, yellow and bluish-grey Moissanite.


  1. Scratch Resistance


Unlike many other stones out there, Moissanite is resistant to scratches. Therefore, many people love it for that reason. It ensures you of top quality durability features that suit a ring. Ultimately, this quality makes this stone perfect for daily jewelry wear. It will give you a high-quality finish without surface scratches.


  1. Different sizes and shapes


A stone with many different sizes and shapes gives you various options. This is the case with Moissanite. You will find various shapes such as radiant, oval, square brilliant, cushion, heart and emerald among others. People walk into jewelry stores expecting variety and Moissanite offers just that.


  1. Lightweight gemstone


Comfort and strength are key for any jewelry piece. This comes with lightweight products that you can wear around all day long without discomfort. For Moissanite, the stone weighs much less than diamond despite exhibiting the same features. Every jewelry lover wants comfort for a great experience. Therefore, Moissanite is a favorite.


Final Thoughts


People are no longer stuck with diamonds. This is especially when issues of budget appear. For that reason, Moissanite has become a darling to many. The stone provides top qualities for jewelry products and that is why Moissanite rings are a top choice.

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