SEO copywriting: how to improve your Google ranking

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SEO copywriting is essential to improve the positioning of your website. The fact is that boosting SEO in your digital strategy has a very clear advantage: the better your position in the main search engines, the higher the organic traffic to your website. As a result, this can lead to more people interested in your content, brand, or company, which translates into higher conversions and increased sales.


Do you know what those infallible tricks are in digital content writing aimed at improving the SEO of your website? Keep reading this essay writer free advices and you will be on top!


Guide on how to perfect SEO copywriting

To learn how to create content that allows you to improve your SEO optimization, take note of these tricks. This way, you will make Google and other search engines fall in love with your content.


Choose keywords

When you decide the topic of the article you are going to write, do a little keyword research. They will be key for SEO copywriting. These words will be the ones you will include in your text and by which you will want people to find your article on Google. To do this search, you can use different SEO tools such as:


  • Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush


On the other hand, remember that you should use keywords in different ways throughout the text. For example, if the text topic is “SEO copywriting” and this is your main keyword, it is recommended that you vary it a bit. Also, use other terms such as “optimize SEO copy,” “how to write SEO copy,” etc. Include these terms:


  • The headings.
  • Paragraphs of the text.


Make use of headings

Focus on creating a correct heading structure for SEO copywriting. Headings are tags so that Google knows what the article is about and the index of the article. By means of H1, H2, and H3 tags, we establish the text’s hierarchical order. Therefore:


The main title should always be H1, and the remaining headings should be tagged with H2, H3, or others. For example:

H1: Cat breeds and their characteristics



H2: The most popular cat breeds


H3: Persian cat


Although it is important to include keywords in h1 and h2, Google is now smart enough to understand synonyms and other related terms. Therefore, it is recommended to use synonyms in headings. Choose words that have a semantic relationship to the main keyword (Search Engine Journal, 2022).


Analyze the content of the first Google results.

You must analyze those contents that appear on the first page of Google results. Of course, not to copy their content, but to see what is working. That is the length, titles, meta description of the content, and everything that may be attracting users to click (Search Engine Journal, 2022).


Create titles that engage

For that, you have to think of a title that differentiates your article from the thousands that are on the Internet with a similar theme. In addition to being attractive to the user and attracting his attention, it is important that it is optimized for SEO copywriting.


It is recommended that it does not exceed 70 characters with spaces so that it can be seen in its entirety in the search results or SERP. ASCII symbols or emojis can also be added, but no more than two should be included. As an example:


A bad title: How to write SEO texts

A good and attractive title: 10 keys to writing SEO texts that no one else will tell you

URL and meta-description optimization. Keys to writing SE0 texts

The size and optimization of URLs are something that must be taken into account in SEO copywriting. It is recommended that URLs are well structured, readable, and understandable for users. In addition, try to keep them as short as possible and try not to exceed 36 characters in length (Digital Content, 2021).


Ideally, they should include the main keyword. It is also recommended to eliminate words that do not add value, such as conjunctions or prepositions. An example to see the difference:


Wrong: /best-10-best-electric-cars-that-will-get-it-in-2014/

Good: /best-electric-cars-2014/


On the other hand, meta-description is also very important in SEO copywriting. It is the text that appears below the title in Google results. It must be a very attractive short text with impeccable wording. It should describe the content of the article, and it should contain the main keyword and a call to action. It is recommended not to exceed 156 characters with spaces.


Create original and quality content

In SEO copywriting, the content must be original and of quality. In addition to this, Google rewards articles that are easy to read. It is also recommended (Digital Content, 2021):


  • Include multimedia content. In this sense, do not forget to fill in all the fields in the multimedia content as Google crawls it.
  • Use bold to highlight the article’s keywords and what is most important.
  • In SEO copywriting, avoid long sentences and paragraphs.

Always opt for highly readable content. That is, a wide variety of users should easily understand it. If the content is too academic or technical, it will not be accessible to everyone (Search Engine Journal, 2022).


On the other hand, it is important to proofread the content for spelling errors. Also, paragraphs should be short for an optimal reading experience (Search Engine Journal, 2022).


Include internal and external links

To optimize content for SEO, you should include external links, i.e., links from other websites or internal links that direct to your own website. This will help provide value to the user and improve positioning. Just remember that the anchor text (the text on which the link is applied) must be related to the content of the page to which it redirects (Digital Content, 2021).


Improve the SEO of large web pages with dynamic content

Dynamic content is content that varies exclusively on keywords automatically inserted from databases. It is a strategy indicated for too large websites, where creating 100% original content for all pages becomes impossible (SEO News, 2019).


Dynamic content is applicable on websites that have an unmanageable amount of URLs. Therefore, it is not cost-effective to create specific content for each page, so it is inevitably required to use a content creation system that mixes related original keywords. This dynamic content is usually applied to online stores managed by a single company (SEO News, 2019).


If you follow all the tips presented in this article, you will manage to improve your website’s ranking thanks to SEO copywriting. So do not hesitate to apply these tricks in your next articles, and you will see how you will get to improve your ranking on Google.


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