Phone or tablet for grandparents?

Even if it seems simple at first glance, finding the right gift for grandparents can be quite complicated. In reality, your New Year’s Eve must perfectly combine the pleasant with the the useful. Going for a phone or tablet can be a great idea. However, which of these communication tools would be the best choice for your ancestors? Find out.

The mobile phone

Practical and ergonomic, the mobile phone is a gift idea that will certainly not leave your grandparents indifferent. In reality, this equipment offers many rather interesting advantages.

A contact device

Loneliness is one of the most common ailments among seniors. Indeed, the professional occupations of the youngest leave little time for visiting their ascendants. Offer a mobile phone to your grandparents therefore contributes to effectively overcome this problem. Thanks to; this tool, your ancestors will be able to communicate more frequently with you or with their friends.

To bring more originality to your gift, you can opt for a special phone for the elderly. Very practical, these devices take into account the physiological difficulties of seniors. They are therefore equipped with larger keys for easy reading of the numbers. Also, some of these cell phones are compatible with hearing aids for better quality. listening in calls.

Dedicated applications

In order to facilitate the use of smartphones by the elderly, dedicated applications have been added. installed. These programs are used in particular to slow down the voice of the interlocutor during calls for good hearing. Similarly, some remote assistance applications allow you to contact the emergency services in the event of an emergency. Thanks to; these innovations, your grandparents will feel more secure. even if they are alone.

The tablet for seniors

More complete than a phone and less bulky than a computer, the tablet is also an excellent gift choice for seniors. Contrary to popular belief, the elderly are not reluctant to the idea of ​​using these new devices. Better still, the improvements made to these machines make them easy to use equipment. Thus, the tablet for senior is generally very light and has a screen quite large .

Also, its simple and intuitive interface allows good readability of the characters. In addition, the device’s algorithm identifies the user’s favorite applications and displays them on the desktop. By doing so, the senior can access it very quickly and with just one click. He can thus make voice or video calls without getting lost in the multiple tools of the menu. In addition, the tablet offers advantages fun    the user. Your grandparents can listen to music, watch videos or browse the internet in complete comfort.

Phone or tablet for seniors: which to choose?

In reality, it is not easy to choose between smartphone and tablet for grandparents. You will certainly have noticed that these two pieces of equipment have many advantages and are complementary. The main thing, however, is to identify which of these two devices best meets the expectations of your ancestor. Also be sure to choose a device with a large capacity; storage. Your grandparents will thus be able to preserve the beautiful memories of the pleasant moments spent with the family.

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