Crunches Your Music, Personality To Do Just That is a stunning example of how openly available user data can be used to draw conclusions — and the name is an apt play on words, considering the data used, how it is used, and what the service does. isn’t going to look at you specifically — rather, you can enter your favorite band or artist, and see what publicly available information suggests about the musical tribe from whence you originate.

It goes like this — head over to, type in your favorite music maker, and submit. A set of seemingly random stats will pop up based on artist, and it’s difficult to understand until you wade in yourself. does not pull your info, and using it won’t expose anything from your profiles to the service. It does draw from others, many others, ranking them based on certain behaviors.

Of course, SocialNewsDaily gave a spin. Entering my favorite artist, Jack White, yielded the following result: that 77 percent of us have never been “spanked as adults.”

BDSM aside, also crunches data to discover which music fans are less likely to support gay marriage, are most likely to be drunk this very second, and have been cheated upon.

A press released explains how user data panned out via Tastebuds, and Tastebuds founder Alex Parish says:

“We’ve had the idea for for a couple of years but only recently had enough data to make it a reality, thanks to the rich data we’ve collected on Tastebuds. When we started mining the data we were bowled over by some of the findings … It’s still surprising how much liking a band can say about you. Some of the findings made us double-check our analysis as they seemed too good to be true!”

How did stereotype you?

Kim LaCapria

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