Reddit Assault Rifle Exists, Available To Armed Redditors

reddit assault rifle

A Reddit assault rifle is now available to Redditors who carry, and the site’s diverse user base — many of whom skew liberal or libertarian — has a thriving set of gun subreddits where such an item may be in demand.

The Reddit assault rifle is a piece with the signature Reddit alien engraved on the … handle bit? Butt? Gear shift? (Don’t ask me, my favorite subreddits are r/twoxchromosomes and r/keto.)

Gawker covered the Reddit assault rifle, explaining that while the Reddit alien-bedecked creation could garner strong interest in the community’s gun-related subreddits, many users found the offering unpalatable and requested it be banned:

“Reddit’s gun-swapping board,/r/Gunsforsale, is a little-known section of Reddit which nonetheless boasts over 3,000 subscribers and a daily rotation of firearms listsings. Unsurprisingly, the libertarian-leaning Reddit has a strong gun culture, anchored by the /r/guns subreddit, with over 100,000 subscribers. This has earned the ire of some anti-gun Redditors, who have appealed to administrators to ban gun sales on Reddit in the wake of the Newtown massacre.”

If you are a Reddit fan wishing to show your dorky online colors with the Reddit assault rifle, the gun retails for $1150.

Kim LaCapria

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