Eduardo Saverin: Facebook Growing Too Fast Is Its Biggest Problem

Eduardo Saverin

If Facebook continues to mount huge growth numbers the company could soon find itself in big trouble. That was the message Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin delivered during the Wall Street Journal‘s Unleashing Innovation conference on Thursday.

According to Saverin:

“The biggest risk is to grow too fast, which is actually a huge asset, but ironically, I think that’s one of the biggest risks. When you grow too fast, it’s hard to iterate, educate.”

Saverin warns that while having more than one billion users is great for the networks scale, there are still many questions to be answered. Saverin notes:

“There is a risk of privacy misunderstands or lack of education.”

Saverin also claims that confusion over certain concerns and competing social networks could harm Facebook in the future:

“There are a lot of technology companies out there with tremendous resources and engineering and very experienced talent that are trying to enter the space of creating a social graph, an interest graph.”

Eduardo Saverin in the meantime has earned approximately $3 billion from his stake in Facebook. Last year Saverin came under fire for renouncing his US citizenship, a move many analysts believe was his attempt to skip out on US taxes that would have been paid on his Facebook stock earnings.

James Kosur

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