5 Tips to Run Your Business More Efficiently From an iPhone

Running business on iPhone

iPhone is an addictively powerful tool for business.  Owners of this small device view it as an extension of their lives.  In fact, it’s easy to carry an iPhone because it fits snuggly in hand, has advanced features, and is highly secure.  The device is ideal for business people or remote employees because they’re ever moving or working away from home.

If you’re looking to maximize your iPhone power, then you’re in the right place.  The article will give you 5 tips to help you run your business more efficiently from an iPhone.

Download Multiple Apps

There are plenty of downloadable apps that you can use to enhance efficiency.  Some of these apps work on multiple platforms, enabling you to sync your iPhone, Mac, or Windows.  Further, these apps improve your work flexibility, keep you connected with your team and allow collaboration.

Select the Right Tools

iPhones have plenty of tools and accessories that extend their capacity and usability.  Selecting the right tools and accessories can make your workflow more efficient and manageable.  For example, you can use a Bluetooth earphone when calling or receiving calls while multitasking on the phone.  A Bluetooth keyboard enables you to work on documents or type longer messages away from your Mac.

Establish a Healthy Communication Culture

Running your business on iPhone keeps you connected and makes communicating with your team easier.  In fact, you can contact your team at any minute.  However, the fact that you’re connected doesn’t mean you should be contacted or contact others any time of the day.  You will be less productive if your work is to answer endless messages or remain on the phone the entire day.  It will drain your energy and affect your work-life balance as well as that of your team.

However, maintaining a healthy communication culture for your business can be helpful.  You must keep communication with your team more balanced and effective.

This can be achieved through established protocols that dictate how the team will contact you or connect with them. You can reserve calls for emergencies, text for urgent issues, and a specific app for non-urgent matters. Social media is another blessing for business owners. It has created endless opportunities to reach out to the audience and the growth tools are providing extra benefits to manage the platforms. For instance, using Instagram growth service is very common nowadays as it has made the Instagram users life much easier.

Switch Off Your Work Phone

Running your business on iPhone keeps you connected throughout the day.  The downside of being available on the phone 24/7 is that it affects your work-life balance.  You can counteract this by switching off your phone at a specific time so that you can relax or rest.

Being off the clock enables you to focus on personal matters, like engaging in your hobbies or spending time with your friends and family.

Maintain Two Phones

Switching your phone to ensure work-life balance can be helpful; however, it affects your personal life.  It makes it hard for your friends and family to contact you.  Therefore, don’t mix your business with your personal life or pleasure.  You can avoid distractions by getting two phones, one for the business and another for personal use.  Maintaining two phones helps minimize security risks linked to using a single device for personal and work purposes.  For instance, you can’t browse the internet freely with the same iPhone you use for work because you’re afraid of viruses or a criminal hacking your phone to steal your information.  However, having two iPhones can keep your data safe, and you can download apps for personal use on one phone and business apps on another phone.


The 5 tips will help you run your business efficiently because a phone is a powerful tool, especially when it’s an iPhone.  The device has the appropriate suite of apps, or you can download helpful apps.  However, you should ensure a good work-life balance when using your iPhone for business purposes.  You can maintain an iPhone for business purposes and another for personal use.

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