Why is Social Media Content Moderation So Important?

social media moderation

The digital world has been changing throughout the century. Part of these changes is attributable to user-generated content. In fact, most internet users go online to look at other people’s opinions about a particular subject even without verifying the credibility of the information.

People forget that the internet is fed with an incredible number of texts, videos, and images every day. The majority of this content is not factual or is inappropriate. For that reason, brands should pay attention to what is posted on their platforms.

Actually, some companies were launched purely to offer content moderation for social media like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They understand a trustworthy and safe site helps build a good reputation.

So then, let’s review what is content moderation and why is it important

What is Content Moderation?

As mentioned above, users post a lot of content on social networks, online platforms, or forums. In fact, some brands encourage their users to create content and post on their websites or social media in order to increase engagement and followers. The process of screening this content is called content moderation.

Content moderation is done using specific pre-set content monitoring guidelines. Any content that doesn’t fall within these guidelines is flagged and removed. Some of the reasons include:

  • Extremism
  • Nudity
  • Violence
  • Copyright infringement
  • Offensiveness
  • Hate speech

Content management is critical on all sites but most importantly on social media, marketplaces, marketplaces, forums, among others.

Content moderation for Social Media

Some years back, people turned to traditional media like radio, TV, and newspapers for news. Years later, they began using social media to connect with friends and family as well as show off their social life. Today, people use social media to stay informed on current events. Users express their opinion on social media, comment on other people’s posts, create their own posts, or upload pictures.

Businesses and entrepreneurs use social media to promote their brands, products, and services. They also use it to engage with their customers and share their commercial activities with them in order to attract more followers.

Because people can freely and easily upload nearly anything on social networking sites, some people tend to misuse this freedom. They upload indecent images, videos laced with violence, or abusive languages on these online platforms or share them with a wider audience. This can be disturbing, especially to younger internet users.

Therefore brands should monitor and manage content published on different platforms. User-generated content is created by followers when they share their experience, feedback, or even views about a brand or product. Others can easily view this content, and so the need for content moderation.

Content Moderation Services: Brands can enlist content moderation services to help them monitor and control what people post on their online platforms. These experts are also called social media moderators, and they help check what internet users post about brands, their products, and services. They decide which content will remain and which will be removed.

AI-based Content Moderation System: This software automatically reviews any content users upload and sends it for approval whenever anything offensive or objectionable is found. Content is reviewed so that it can be made visible to everyone or completely removed. An action can also be taken against the person who uploaded it, such as giving them a warning or blocking them.

Reasons Why Social Media Content Moderation is So Important

Enhances Online Presence

Businesses leverage social media networks to promote their products, attract customers, engage with them and check their competitors. On the other hand, users express their freedom freely, which may at times fail to meet the set community guidelines.

Social media content moderation monitors these messages in order to reduce hateful and offensive comments. The goal is to make your site safe for everybody and enhance your brand’s online presence.

Protect the Brand Image

Businesses run social media marketing campaigns to increase website traffic, engage with customers and generate more revenues. User-generated content can deviate from these agendas and create negative messages that harm brand image and reputation.

Social media moderation can help reduce such risks and help maintain the company’s reputation. The content moderation service provider will monitor and remove all unwanted content.

Identify Your Legitimate Users

Content moderation for social media helps brands gain insight into their followers’ and customers’ behavior and opinion. It also enables the business to understand its customers’ expectations even as it delivers quality products, services, and content.

Therefore implementing the right social media approach can help your business eliminate fake profiles, fake reviews, offensive comments, and product testimonials.


Many brands have been encouraging their followers to create and post on their social media platforms. However, some content is offensive or fake and can hurt your brand’s reputation. Content moderation for social media services checks and reduces content that is fake, offensive, contains hate speech or falls in other sensitive categories. It will help you build a reputable brand.

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