CODE NAME or COVID NAME? Man’s Unique Moniker Turns Heads Wherever He Goes

Kovid Kapoor is a 31-year-old man who surely turns heads wherever he goes. By pure coincidence, this man is named after one of the world’s worst pandemics. We could only imagine how harsh it must’ve been like to be an adult with a covid name in the last two years. Imagine being associated with coronavirus forever?

Suffered for two years, and maybe more

In Hindi, Kovid translates to ‘scholar’. Interesting right?

Lots of people are surely entertained. We’re pretty sure that Mr. Kovid has been on the receiving end of a few jokes here and there in the last couple of years. There is nothing he can do about it but ride out all the jokes, puns, and even memes. Even he is amused by the coincidence that he changed his social media bio to: “My name is Kovid and I am not a virus”.

He went viral again in the last couple of weeks after posting on his Twitter page. He exclaimed that it is his first time out of the country since the pandemic, and his experience is profoundly amusing.

On the downside, he must have experienced some pretty bad discrimination as well. He is surely stared at a lot when baristas from coffee shops call out his name. Wherever he goes, as long as his name is called out loud, everyone’s heads will turn! This is why some people think he has the world’s most unfortunate name.

He has entertained, freaked out, and amused lots of people in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, it would seem like Covid is here to stay. How much longer must he endure the experience?

People name their children after COVID

Believe it or not, Covid baby names are a real thing. And in the last two years, it is no surprise that people want to name their children after something so memorable. Imagine being named after an event that we hope we would never experience again in our lifetime.

Coincidence aside, some parents intentionally name their children after the pandemic-causing disease. One interesting story would be how a set of twins born during lockdown were named Covid and Corona. Parents claimed that they wanted to make the day memorable as the names of their children would remind them of the hardships they experienced during the lockdown.

In a similar story, a boy was named after two historical tragedies of 2020. The name? Covid Bryant. So interesting was this boy’s name that it even went viral on Twitter, right next to Oprah.

With the expected baby boom from the lockdowns, it is not a surprise to hear even more punny covid names in the foreseeable future.

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