Live-Tweeted C-Section By Houston Hospital Will Be A Twitter First

Live Tweeted C-Section

A live C-section on Twitter? That is the next big social media experiment from the team at Houston’s Memorial Hermann hospital system. In February 2012 one of the systems hospitals broadcast the first ever live-tweeted open-heart surgery. In May the organization followed up with a live-tweeted brain operation.

Now the social network friendly hospital system will take their practice one step further by live-tweeting a C-section. The Twitter streamed C-Section is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 7:30am CST. The surgery will take place at Women’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Performing the tweeted procedure will be Obstetrician Anne Gonzalez.

The 39-year-old mother who agreed to the live-tweet experiment has asked to remain private.

If you are interested in following the procedure you can look up the @houstonhospital username or follow the hashtag #MHBaby.

Videos and photos will be posted on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Storify.

Assisting Dr. Gonzalez will be Dr. Amelia Chu, who will wear a GoPro head camera so users can experience a live-streaming feed from a doctor’s own point of view.

Answering Twitter followers questions during the live-tweeted C-section will be Obstetrician and gynecologist Sherri Levin

According to Dr. Gonzalez the live-tweeted C-Section:

“Will allow us to pull back the curtain on the most common surgery that many women need to have in order to deliver their baby. It also will help families to prepare for their own deliveries and show them what to expect,” she said. “It is an amazing honor to be involved in the most important event in this family’s life and we are thankful they are sharing their story with the public.”

Do you think a live-tweeted C-section on Twitter is good for educational purposes?

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