Former Worker Debunks Viral “No Salt On French Fries” and Other Fast food Hacks on TikTok

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has wondered how their food at a fast-food joint is prepared and served. Fast-food hacks on TikTok have got you covered! The platform has almost everything, but these hacks are the most popular. In fact, the banter between customer hacks and employee reveals is the most entertaining.

There are so many fast-food hacks and reveals on TikTok, that they are so overwhelming to watch. There are tips and tricks on how to access the “secret menu” or even how to skimp a few bucks on your order. To be honest, there are so many videos on TikTok where former employees reveal “secrets” and “confessions” of their experiences while on the job. Only a few of these “secrets” are bad, thankfully. Although a lot of people in the comments stan the truth behind the statements, we wonder if their ex-employers will like what they see.

A popular TikTok entry from user @motherangel debunks common McDonald’s lifehacks. And, honestly, people are quite surprised by her reveal. One so-called hack became so popular that she just had to tell us the truth behind it. A few TikTok users claim that if you want fresh fries, ask for fries with no salt.

The de-bunker revealed that if any customer asks for “fresh” fries, workers would literally put the taters back onto the fryer until the salt melts. Customers should not worry about this, though. The TikTok video did state quite clearly that all french fries are made fresh by the batch. These are also salted by the batch. It’s not that surprising. And thank goodness it wasn’t a NASTY reveal!

She did also say, as a disclaimer, that all of these truths would depend on the management of viewers’ local McDonald’s branch.


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TikTok is home to confessions and reveals not just by McDonald’s workers but other fast-food chains as well. The topics go crazy – storage, portions, service, shelf lives, and more. Some videos explain why workers left their jobs while other videos show why they love theirs.

The most surprising reveal by employees would be the fact that there is no such thing as a secret menu. Although some places do have secret menus, most fast-food restaurants don’t. Could the secret menu just be a marketing gig? We will not really know.  The videos did say that customers are allowed to do any customization for their orders – as long as they are reasonable.

Here are some popular TikTok videos on fast food hacks and employee reveals:

McDonald’s Secrets


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Chick-fil-A Hacks


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How do they know?


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