Wordle 207 x/6 Weirdly Annoyed People on Twitter and Here’s Why

Wordle, for a lot of you who don’t know, is an English language online game that has made headlines on Twitter today, and weirdly so. So basically, the concept of the game is for you to try to guess the day’s word (in this case, Wordle 207) in only six tries. All words are made up of five letters and there are no clues given. The game does have its quirks and isn’t entirely easy. It is annoying if the game tells you that your answer is wrong, when you REALLY, TRULY know that you’re right. What makes it annoying, you say? Well, American spelling, of course!

A Twitter war started when people kept on ranting that an English language game used the “American Spelling” of the word in question, instead of its Brit version. Now, we all know that both spellings are correct depending on context. However, it is understandable that differences in preferred spellings will create inevitable confusion in guessing games like Wordle.

Mind you, today’s Wordle 207 is not trending BECAUSE everyone hates American spellings. People are annoyed because of a funnier reason than that. Did we tell you that Wordle is made by a UK-based developer? Using American spelling for a word game made in the UK. Hilarious, right?

Here are some of the Worldle 207 X/6 memes that will explain to you why it’s trending:

Bif fail for the UK

People are calling foul

American English wins the trophy this round

The best achievement for 2022

Yup, the game is British

If you’re on this post and you still really don’t understand what’s going on, here’s a fun meme for you:

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