Unique New Year’s Resolutions 2022

new year's resolutions 2022

Every time we end a year and welcome a new one, New Year’s resolutions come up. While this may be the case this year as well, it seems that some people are veering away from making resolutions — especially the diet kind. (Faith Hill’s article on The Atlantic is a good read.)

Then there are those who are not totally throwing out resolutions but instead, going in a slightly — perhaps better — different direction. Take a look at these unique New Year’s resolutions for 2022, and maybe draw inspiration. Or have a laugh.

Spread Kindness

Seize the Day – words of wisdom from Anthony Hopkins

I’m broke but I’m happy

A side of wings

Love the earth

Let’s end with resolute pets

How about you? Did you make resolutions for 2022? Care to share?

Noemi T

Freelance writer, book lover, professional nap-taker, wannabe beach bum


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