The “National Shoot Up Your School Day” TikTok Trend Forces Schools in the US to Shut Down

The internet has deemed December 17 to be “National Shoot Up Your School Day”, and it’s the craziest thing we have heard all year. TikTok Challenges have crossed the line and schools in the U.S. are calling out parents to watch their kids. Schools all over the U.S. have announced voluntary and emergency closures due to “threats to violence” that went viral on the social media platform, TikTok. At the same time, a lot of parents became reluctant to send their kids to school today. Why? Because rumors have spread on the social media platform that “there will be violence in schools” on December 17. Whether it is a real threat or a sick joke, this new TikTok challenge must not be left ignored. Is it time to put tighter child restrictions on social media?

“National Shoot Up Your School Day” TikTok Challenge

Parents, schools, and the police are on high alert after a sick TikTok challenge went viral a couple of hours ago. The challenge involves TikTok users to call for a “National Shoot Up Your School Day” on the 17th of December. This encourages kids to bring weapons to school and join up on the so-called “event”. Although it is a hoax, authorities must not ignore the potential dangers it may cause and schools have decided to close up for the day. Based on 2021 statistics, a whopping 42% of American households have at least one gun in their possession. This increases the possibility of kids having unsupervised access to a gun. And, realistically, it only takes one kid to make the horrifying mistake of bringing a gun to school because they think it’s cool. The risks are too high.

Kids nowadays need to know the difference between what is funny and what sounds dangerous. It is the job of the community to put more guidance on kids and their access to the internet. Many parents are calling out to TikTok that the original perpetrator, or mastermind if you will, of this challenge be investigated, found, and banned on the platform.

People on Twitter are reacting and they all got a lot to say:

Does this mean that kids nowadays are desensitized to guns?

The pandemic, then this: worst year to be a teacher

Just why?

The contents of the original video

The originator must be found

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