Inspiring Twitter Posts Trending on #WorldAIDSDay

It’s 2021 and we have to admit that there still exists widespread stigma surrounding AIDS and HIV. World AIDS Day, celebrated every 1st of December, is celebrated to help raise awareness about the disease. Not only that, it is an opportunity for the world to support those who have been diagnosed and also remember everyone who lost their battles with the disease.

For this year, the theme is ‘End Inequalities, End AIDS’ which truly serves the mission of World AIDS Day. The theme for this year hopes that inequalities in the treatment and diagnosis of HIV be addressed by world leaders to prevent millions of deaths due to the disease in the coming years.

There are truly inspiring stories about World AIDS Day that we really need to see. Find some of them here:

With the right care, it’s not a death sentence

We can all live our lives to the fullest!

Salute to the scientists who developed this pill

We’re all Kings and Queens

Remembering all our beloved HIV fighters

The greatest challenge is the STIGMA, not the disease

We hope world leaders take notice

HIV+ people have emotions too

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