Paul Rudd is Viral on the Internet After Being Named PEOPLE’s 2021 Sexiest Man Alive

People just named Paud Rudd as the 2021 Sexiest Man Alive and people on the internet are going CRAZY. The decision came as such a surprise that even the 52-year-old actor himself is having a hard time coming to terms with his new title. He has overtaken Chris Evans, y’all. The news is so shocking, even his wife was “stupefied” by the results. Keeping our surprise aside, we all know why the people have voted for him. He is wholesome and he does not age.

Let’s be honest, Paul Rudd is an adorable actor. The man makes aging look so easy. He looks as if he has discovered the fountain of youth. Besides that, he has all these lovable qualities – funny, wholesome, goofy, kind-looking, and all that. But, sexy is a new thing even for the actor himself. He even admitted that he thinks a lot more people should get it ahead of him. Well, with that humility, cute smile, and loveable persona – we all know that he deserves the title.

There is only one thing we can say about this new title of his. Finally, the goofy guy gets recognized as the #SexiestManAlive!

Mark Ruffalo knew this day would come for his buddy

Young Paul Rudd in Clueless, though

Scoot over Chris Evans

He’s so game too!

More like the Cutest Man Alive, right?

Where is the lie?

From a heartthrob to a hero

Wholesome is the new sexy

Share your secrets, Paul Rudd

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