Everyone’s Emotional that the NYC Marathon is Back for 2021, Here Are Some of the Best Tweets

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The New York City Marathon was successfully held yesterday (November 7, 2021) and everyone is just emotional. After almost two years of suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all finally starting to see some normalcy coming back into our lives. We all remember the heartbreak when the 2020 NYC Marathon, the world’s largest marathon, was canceled due to coronavirus safety concerns. It was supposed to be the biggest celebration, especially since the 2020 NYC Marathon was supposed to be the 50th running.

Mixed emotions can be seen from everyone as the 2021 NYC Marathon was held as the 50th running. There are still a lot of strict protocols involved. This includes limiting the competitor count to only 33,000.  Also, each competitor needs to prove that they either are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recently tested negative (at most 48 hours) for the disease. Regardless, everyone is happy that it pushed through.

The marathon is more than just a fun event, it is more than just the world’s largest marathon. In reality, the 2021 NYC Marathon represents the hope that we are all surely going to make it through tough times brought about by the pandemic – all at our own pace.

Here are some of the best moments shared on the #NYCMarathon2021:

It’s a first for a lot of people

The incredible Albert Korir wins the marathon at 2 hours and 8 minutes

Everyone needs a cheer up, really

That’s one tough momma

These elite lady athletes are ON FIRE!

Front row seat to the greatest show in the world

Coming back stronger from the other side of the pandemic

Aww, we hope she said yes!

These para-athletes vying for the top spot

A joke, but funny all the same

The NYPD is there to ensure safety

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