5 Businesses Killing It on YouTube

So, you’re thinking of taking your business to the next level, that is, on YouTube, and you’re wondering if this is a smart move. The truth is, YouTube promotion helps you get much-needed exposure online.

It allows you to share your content with the world, providing more information about you and your business. Opening a YouTube channel for your business helps you bolster your marketing efforts, reach new audiences and engage with your users.

Other perks of starting a YouTube channel for your business include:

Drive organic website traffic

For most individuals, their primary aim is to garner thousands of views on their videos. Yet, as a business, even though many views are essential, the quality of these views matters the most. You are more focused on the kind of people watching your content since you have a target audience in mind.

A YouTube channel for your business will increase the amount of traffic coming to your site. By learning how to start a Youtube channel, you can create a well-organized strategy on the content you want to share and hopefully attract the ideal audience that enjoys your content and visits your business website frequently.

For this reason, you need to focus on sharing pure gold that your target audience would want to learn. You want to create brief, educational and fun videos about your brand. And at the end of it all, have a call to action that will increase your organic traffic.

Track results

YouTube has its performance tracking platforms, where you can gauge your key metrics. These analytics will help you understand what is working for and against your channel. Here, you can track views, look at traffic sources and engagement rates.

With these insights, you get to understand what will work for you and your audience. And what to steer away altogether.

Engage with your community

Community engagement is crucial! Remember, your job as a business on YouTube does not end after creating and posting content. To ensure your business channel’s success, you need to engage with your viewers and the YouTube community as a whole.

When viewers note that you care about them and their feedback, you get more subscribers, hence more traffic to your website.

Ensure to start conversations, listen to your viewers, engage, and don’t ignore negative remarks. Ask where you need to improve and so forth.

Additionally, show participation in the community. Engage content competitors and their audience. That will spark interest in your business channel and provide you with content ideas you can publish. You might also notice backlinks as competitors share your vlogs within different channels.

Businesses doing great on YouTube will agree that for your business to thrive, you have to make the most out of your platform. Some of these businesses you can learn a lesson or two from include:

1. BMW

BMW understands its clients. Since those who buy these are car enthusiasts, they create content where gurus share technological and historical information concerning various cars. Their subscribers also get regular updates and official launches, and this engages both current and potential customers.

By creating content that customers enjoy, BMW attracts and retains them. And this allows them to close sales and kill it on YouTube at the same time!

2. Red bull

This is one of the most popular energy drinks that target the youth. And they understand that customers are savvy, hence why they take so much initiative with their advertising. Their YouTube channel has more than four million subscribers.

Some of their most popular advertisements feature daredevils, athletes, and risk-takers doing the most. They focus on content that their audience loves and enjoys.

3. Walmart

Source: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Walmart

Even though people have strong reactions to Walmart, their YouTube content is simply impressive! They have price match testimonials, easy recipes, blogger partners, and new product tutorials. They do product reviews, and this is one of the most intriguing things about them.

With a variety of content, customers can search things up regularly. And this keeps them interested and increases their subscribers.

4. Chanel

Source: https://fontlot.com/forum/chanel-logo-font/

Chanel is one of the largest brands that focus on beauty. Even though they are a luxury fashion brand, they still make an effort with their marketing strategies on YouTube.

They base their content on those that get the most views. That includes make-up tutorials, new beauty products, etc. This approach has helped them grow, garner new subscribers, and surpass other brands such as Dior. As always, they let data guide their strategy.

5. Google

In case you did not know, Google owns YouTube. And they know the ins and outs of this platform. Google created a documentary series Search On that shows why people are searching on Google. It tells different people’s stories globally, helping them solve challenging questions, take action and answer complex issues.

Google identifies what the brand stands for and what the audience cares about most. They believe that you have to look for story opportunities that engage your audience and represent your brand.

Final thoughts

As a business looking to kill it on YouTube, you have to think of the best strategies to get you out there and borrow a leaf from industries and brands doing well. The above five brands are worth your consideration, and you can learn from them.


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