Twitter is Swarmed With Support for Hannah Gadsby Versus Netflix and Dave Chappelle

Stand-up comedian, Hannah Gadsby, has called out fellow comedian Dave Chappelle for his homophobic and transphobic “jokes” on Netflix’s The Closer. While he is on the floor, he explicitly mocked the trans community. Gadsby also called out, and put pressure, on Netflix for allowing such unacceptable comments to run through editing. Of course, a lot of people are disgusted by Chappelle’s comments and many have rushed to Twitter to support Gadsby as a comedian.

As support for her, Trans Netflix employees seek an audience with Chappelle as a follow-up to pressures being set against Chappelle and Netflix. His reaction caused a total ruckus on Twitter. Right now, reactions from the internet are mixed – some people support Dave Chappelle’s claims while many more swarm their support for Hannah Gadsby. She is not funny? Maybe, you can’t just relate to her.

Is that all he got?

We need more Hannah Gadsbys in this world

Nope, no distinction there

And what a requirement that is

She’s extremely talented too!

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Hannah Gadsby is proven relevant by millions of people talking about her

Is this history repeating itself?

The appeal is not for you, so you can’t really relate


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