Merck’s Experimental COVID Pill Distracts People from Getting the Vaccine; Twitter Reacts

Earlier this week, Merck’s experimental COVID pill was applied for an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA, for wide use in COVID-19 treatment all over the U.S. Several lawmakers have been impressed by the drug as it claims to reduce the possibility of death, and hospitalization for COVID-19 patients by half. The “game-changer drug” Mulnopiravir is currently being used in many parts of Asia as a way to treat COVID patients as records hit highs once again. Even Australia seems to be planning to buy it.

Claiming how great the drug is is for impressing medical professionals in the U.S. and gain their confidence for using the experimental drug. However, it has created adverse to the public – Americans use its claimed effectiveness as a reason to say no to getting the vaccine. Why people are impressed by the pill, but not equally impressed by the vaccine is beyond reason causing people to ridicule and snark at the drug.

Could a simple pill end it all? Source: Pixabay

Could this be the “haven” against COVID-19 for anti-vaxxers? Here are some of the crazy reactions to the Merck pill on Twitter:

CONSPIRACY THEORY: Merck Covid pill is an Ivermectin Alternative?

The pill cuts hospitalization by 50%, but there’s A SHOT that would PREVENT the virus

Could it save the vaccine-hesitant?

Merck Covid pill: Is it another horse drug?

More people seem hesitant to take the shot, sadly

Because of the high demand, they’re overpricing it too!

So, we’re all just stuck in the Matrix, huh?

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