A Ninja in Full Gear Violently Attacked US Special Elite Force in California

The Inyokern Airport in Kern County, California experienced the most unlikely news – a “ninja” in full gear attacked U.S. special force guards (specifically the Special Operations Aviation Regiment or SOAR) and was able to run before getting arrested. To make matters more interesting, the incident happened with no apparent warning, late at night, at an airport hangar.

A truly absurd moment

Seemingly taken aback, the injured officer reached other members of his company and decided to call 911. The blotter entry from the Ridgecrest Police Department has noted that a second 911 call was made indicating that 26 members of the special force unit were wondering where help is. Later into the night, police offers were able to locate the “ninja” on a nearby road. The local police force tased the “ninja” after the latter failed to follow commands to halt or slow down.

Kern County, California. Source: Flickr

The ‘leaked’ information

To make matters more interesting, a confidential report on the matter was leaked to the public via social media. Although the source remains unverified, the report still is enough to pique everyone’s interest more in the matter.

All we know, based on eyewitness reports,  are two correct things. One, the fact that the man was wearing a full ninja garb including a real katana sword. Two, he wielded his sword, slashed at a Special Service Group officer, and injured the latter’s knee enough to require stitches.

All in all, the incident had two victims and both are members of the special unit. One was assaulted with a sword to the knee, and the other with a rock to the head. Both only suffered minor injuries and were allowed to return to post later that evening.

The most important question: Was the man a ninja?

This is probably what everyone is most interested in – was the guy a ninja? Police reports did not confirm this information, nor did they release the person’s identity to the public. To quell the question in everyone’s minds, the simple answer is probably not.

But, of course, the internet has other ideas:

Twitter reactions swarmed the internet

The internet is filled with reactions to the incident. A few were to express relief at the fact that the “ninja” was later on arrested. Others used social media to exclaim about the oddity of the incident. However, most people simply ridiculed the situation.

Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Vengeance for the “ninja”?

‘Ninja attack’ was not on the 202o nor the 2021 pandemic bingo card

We thought we have seen it all

The incident truly was absurd and something only to be imagined for an action-comedy film. The reaction of the special ops unit leads to jokes and memes throughout the internet. But, you know what, the special ops unit turning over the situation to local law enforcement may have been the best thing to do for the situation. The company acting out for itself instead of calling 911 may have led to a hairier situation.

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