Taco Bell Launches a $5 per Month Subscription and Should the Internet Even Rejoice About it?

The latest Taco Bell 30-day subscription immediately made headlines and the first question in everyone’s mind is – should we even be rejoicing about it? For only $5 per month, Taco Bell promises to give a free taco every day for its subscribers for 30 days. The internet is swarmed with reactions!

On a more serious note, the ongoing global pandemic has battered the finances of businesses in the last two years. It may look like a desperate attempt, but the taco subscription may bring back in customers that Taco Bell lost at the beginning of 2020.

The subscription business is flourishing!

Ever since the start of the pandemic, everyone became so dependent on the internet. The effect – subscription of everything everywhere. Quite literally, subscription services have been gaining popularity all over the world. You name it, there may be a subscription for it – coffee, daily meals, streaming services, and more. It is not that surprising that Taco bell also jumped on the bandwagon.

It literally went viral

It went viral for several reasons. One, a lot of people do enjoy Taco Bell. And two, creating hilarity out of it is just so, so fun! Lastly, we don’t exactly know why it went viral.

Some people compared it to teasers

Others call it Taco Bell +

Even CNN Business had a jab at it

What a time to be alive

Is it even that tempting?

We mean, really, is it even that tempting? Yes, yes it is affordable. Imagine getting a taco a day for only less than $10? But it is worth it? What about the health risks, right? You might get the subscription, eat a taco for the next 30 days, and never want to set your sights on a taco ever again. This may be an exciting thought to some people, but not to everyone.

So what can we say about it?

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