5 Imported Beers Brands to Try at Home for International Beer Day 2021

Celebrated every first Friday of August, International Beer Day 2021 is the perfect occasion to enjoy a pint of beer guilt-free. We all have a bottle of beer, or two, now and then. We drink it when we’re watching a game, at a party, or even when relaxing on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Beer is simply a drink of choice for any man or woman, young and old.

What better way to celebrate International Beer Day for 2021 than drinking, right? There are many ways to celebrate Beer Day day, actually. The problem is, with the current pandemic, it is still so much safer to just celebrate it at home. But, honestly, aren’t you getting tired of your typical Bud Light, Blue Moon, and Corona?

Treat yourself to these imported beers to celebrate International Beer Day 2021:

Labatt Blue

This beer brand, Labatt Blue, is the best-selling Canadian beer. The brand boasts of its Canadian Pilsener which offers a refreshing taste from brewed pure Canadian barley. Its hop aroma comes from Hallertau hops and 2-row malted barley. This company is one of the biggest breweries in Canada and even has its own brewery in the US. The Labatt Blue is a favorite because of its fruity flavor and sweet aftertaste.

Modelo Beer

Highly comparable to Corona, Modelo beer has a stronger aroma and richer flavor. Modelo beer sells a Pilsner-style lager which is made unique by its herby, fruity aroma made from orange blossom and honey. This Mexican beer brand offers premium beers with Negra Modelo as a favorite.

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

If you are a beer snob, this is probably one of the best brands to try. This is a traditional Weiss beer made from German wheat. What makes it great is the natural lemonade flavor that makes it delicious. Since it is such a fruity beer, it is a favorite for BBQs, pool parties, picnics, and other holidays.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Go to any Asian store, and you’re probably going to find this brand of beer from the Philippines. Since its establishment in the 1890s, It has become one of the largest-selling beers in the World. And, this is not surprising for its very pleasant taste. It is a light low-calorie lager that has a well-balanced flavor.

Kingfisher Lager Beer

With such an American-sounding name, you would not even notice that this brand is from India. It is the best-selling beer brand in India and is known as the world’s leading Indian beer – for good reason. With an alcohol by volume percentage of 7.2%, this is a pretty strong beer. It has a very clear flavor with a deliciously bitter taste.

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