7 Heartfelt Olympic Moments That Will Surely Lift Your Spirit

No better way to lift your spirits than heartfelt Olympic moments, right? Besides watching all the athletes win their medals, this is what we all truly watch the games for. Now that the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 is midway, we have seen many inspiring stories of triumphs and bravery. We have seen some heartbreaking losses as well, but sportsmanship from defeated athletes is still as inspiring. The Olympics is the biggest sports event in the world and it is an honor to even be qualified to join the preliminaries. Stories of hope, determination, and victory are commonplace but are heart-melting nonetheless. We see incredible athletes do their best in their events and get inspired just by watching them. But when the underdogs win, that is the most satisfying of all.

Here are some of the best heartfelt Olympic moments in the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 that will surely lift your spirits:

Glory knows no age!

Still, forever champions!

Ain’t too small for a small-town girl

Learned to surf on a styrofoam cooler lid

The smallest country to win a gold

A country’s first-ever gold: earned by a woman in a previously male-dominated sport

Teens winning impressive medals at the Olympics

Bonus: Her joyful, meme-able face says it all

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