Cocktails To-Go: Should They Stay or Should They Go

Let’s all be honest, we all went through the toughest and weirdest times of our lives during corona, and cocktails to-go were the highlight of that. Now that the US is slowly rolling into recovery from the pandemic, COVID-19 restrictions are also being lifted. Sadly though, one of the perks we might have to say goodbye to would be mixed drinks available for takeout or delivery. The question is, should cocktails to-go stay or should they go?

Things don’t just magically go back to the way they were

One of the reasons why to-go cocktails are being banned now would be the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions. However, even if COVID-19 restrictions are lifted we don’t just automatically go back to how we lived our lives before COVID. To-go cocktails may be one of the only reasons why some bars and restaurants survived an entire year of poor sales. People may still have a hesitancy to go to restaurants (do they though? LOL) in the next few months. Bars and restaurants may still have some difficult times ahead. The abrupt banning of to-go cocktails may also greatly affect their sales. Luckily, the to-go cocktails would be a permanent perk in at least 20 states.

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The ugly side of to-go cocktails

Now, it is easy to regulate what comes in and out of bars and restaurants as there are strict laws and rules to follow. However, once the product is in the consumers’ hands enforcing that law may become ten times harder. What does happen to these drinks after they leave the restaurant? Well, responsible citizens wait to get to their homes to drink them in safety. On the other hand, not everyone lives like this. Seals from these drinks are easy to break and some people can keep walking (and driving) while drinking their cocktails. Without actually looking like alcohol, authorities may find it hard to detect if people are drinking in public or if the drinks are being consumed by under-aged drinkers.

Have the sale of to-go cocktails affected the crime rate in the US? Right now, it is quite hard to tell. Since the drinks are not as detectable visually as ordinary liquor in a bottle, some places do believe that it has increased criminality in certain areas.

Tweets and condolences to cocktails to go

To keep the sadness at bay, here are some of the funniest tweets as people go through all the stages of grief to the banning of to-go cocktails in many states in the US:

Where’s the funeral?

Why can’t it be a thing?

The only TRULY good part of the pandemic

Cancel Culture is REAL

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