Students Sue, Workers Resign, Employees Fired Over Strict COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate in The US

The strict COVID-19 vaccine mandate in the US came as a surprise, but it is inevitable. The US government’s vaccination programs may be one of the most aggressive in the world. In recent news, state governments have resorted to incredible prizes to encourage their constituents to get the shot. This includes free tickets to parks, chances to win millions in the lottery, giving away free guns and beers, and more. Private corporations have also done their fair share in encouraging citizens to get vaccinated by offering discounts, benefits, and perks to whoever could present a vaccination card. With more than 50% of Americans vaccinated, and a July 4 target deadline, the US seems to be doing drastic measures to make sure that their citizens are vaccinated. However, no matter how encouraging America’s vaccination program may be, it seems that not everybody is pleased by the mandate.

More employers and schools are mandating the COVID-19 vaccine

Workplaces around the country are starting to open up again. Fully vaccinated office workers are allowed, and encouraged, to come back to work. Employers are now in a tight spot on how to encourage their workers to get their shots. This is since full vaccinations are required to go back to work. One of the biggest issues in this matter is that employers could not, technically, mandate the COVID-19 vaccine since these are not approved by the FDA yet.

Vaccine hesitancy does come from the fact that, at the moment, the majority of the vaccines in the US do not have full Food and Drug Authority approval. The FDA has so far released an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which is what is being jabbed at millions of Americans in the US. Without this assurance from the FDA, many adults seem to be hesitating to line up for the vaccines.

Hospital in Houston loses about 150 staff

A fallout between staff and the management in a hospital in Houston has reached the courts early this month. The employees have filed a case against their employer saying that they are being ‘coerced’ into getting the vaccine. Unfortunately, the lawsuit filed by the employees had little standing in court. The presiding judge has indicated that the vaccine mandate was not “coercion” as the employees claim. Instead, the vaccine mandate was for the public’s interest to improve the capability of the staff to be protected against the virus and better care for patients.

According to the hospital, hundreds of employees were suspended without pay for 14 days. If they still do not wish to get vaccinated within the next two weeks, they may be terminated. A number of these employees have already resigned.

College students in the Indiana University are planning to sue

In a similar case, students from the Indiana University are planning to sue for requiring students to get vaccinated before returning. According to the students, it is a violation of the 14th Amendment. They claim that the mandate is restricting their freedom to choose to have or not to have themselves vaccinated. However, in a turn of events, the school does have a right to require vaccinations. This is for the good of the rest of the university’s population.

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