High school students crash a vehicle into a home’s roof

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A family remains in total shock still after a vehicle crashed through their roof which was operated by high school kids.

The homeowner from Eureka, who chose not to be identified, said she, her daughter, and her spouse were catching z’s when, about 1:30 a.m., they heard a mammoth crash. The owner stated she and her husband jumped up swiftly and leapt into action. Her husband detected fire and sprinted for a hose that could extend the bedroom. His primary worry was their daughter, whose space is right above theirs. The pair’s 7-year-old child is disabled and the owner of the house cannot ponder on how close the hazard came to her.

Once the flames from the collision were extinguished the pair heard crunching and saw people were in the vehicle still. Her spouse asked if they were uninjured and they replied yes. The high school students exited the vehicle and walked across their bedroom. The couple promptly notified the police. She noted the boys in the vehicle were attending a local graduation party and may have gotten reprimanded for racing before the crash took place.

She said the best authorities can piece together is that the vehicle departed the roadway at a soaring rate of speed, struck a stump, fly into the air, then hit their fence and the ground, which sent the vehicle cartwheeling atop their roof. The car came crashing into the homeowners’ bathroom, a measly inches from their bed. A neighbor, who builds homes, is assisting the family with the re-construction process and cleanup.


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