Gas Station Apps in the US that can Get You Through the Shortage

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Even though the current situation on gas shortage has started to ease up, a lot of gas stations are still dry today. Use these gas station apps to help yourself find the nearest place to get gas. Especially now that the demand is so high, it is inevitable to see unbelievable prices. These gas station apps can help you also find the cheapest available in the market.

Currently, the US East Coast is facing one of the worst gas shortages in recent history. The cause? Colonial Pipeline, the biggest source of fuel supply on the east coast, was hacked. According to some reports, hackers reportedly received almost a hundred million dollars for the deed. After hacking the database, the entire hacker group was immediately (and suddenly) shut down.

Cyberattacks are not new in the US, but as this was one of the most devastating, federal government started discussions on whether or not cybercrime laws should be tightened. In fact, President Biden has currently signed an Executive Order to boost cybersecurity in the US.

Here are some of the best gas station apps to help you find the nearest, and most affordable gas stations in your area:

Gas Guru

This app shows the cheapest gas prices in the user’s local area. All the information can be found on a map and users can choose which of the affordable gas stations they want to visit.

Gas Buddy

The main purpose of this app is to show local gas stations and price information. This is also a community-driven app which means that information is always up-to-date as long as GasBuddy spotters consistently update and report sighted information. This app is available for iPhone and Android for free.

Shell App

Although it is only specifically for Shell gas stations, this app is better than having no apps at all. It shows the nearest shell gas station in your area and it also shows gas prices. One of the great things about this app is that it allows usage of Apple Pay, Android Pay, or PayPal.


What is great about the Waze app is that it is a community controlled app. People could easily mark locations on the app that currently do not sell gasoline or which gasoline stations are currently closed. If ever the gasoline station does open within a few hours, the markings can easily be changed by other app users.

While on the app, you can simply choose ‘Add a Stop’ before your destination. Choose the gas station icon and it will show a list of gas stations along your chosen route. On top of this, it will also show availability and prices.

Google Maps

Just open up the app and it will immediately show the gas stations near you. Not only is it available for mobile OS like Android and iOS, it is also compatible with laptop and desktop devices.

On Google Maps, simply type the phrase ‘Gas Station’ onto the search bar. There are multiple filters to use that will allow you to know if the gas station is currently open, what time they are closing, and how much they are selling gasoline by the gallon. The best part is, you can see and compare gas station prices and hours in every area accessible to you.

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