Keeping an Eye Out for the Best Kentucky Derby Hats, Masks, and Fashion

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The Kentucky Derby is a horse racing event that is held annually in the US. This event is usually celebrated on the first Saturday of May at the Churchill Down in Louisville, Kentucky. It is one of the biggest, and most prestigious, events in Kentucky where it is attended by celebrities, politicians, and other VIPs. It is known as “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” because of its duration, but has been attended to by enthusiasts for more than a century.

More than the sport itself, the Kentucky derby is a well-known fashion event. It is the time when people put on their sunday best. Dubbed as #MyDerbyFashion, people really do have fun and enjoy dressing up during this event. Attendees sport the most flamboyant of hats, flowy summer dresses, and incredible suits.

For those who know, the #DerbyFashion is never complete without a hat, similar to a British Royal fascinator but somehow more elaborate. There are no rules on how creative the hat should be, so attendees usually go all out. Wearing a hat to the derby can serve the person good luck, many of the enthusiasts believe. An equally impressive facemask is what will complete the best derby outfit. This is especially true now that the world is in a pandemic.

Celebrities are expected to wear awesome outfits for the Derby. But ordinary people also put in their share of #MyDerbyFashion:

Matching facemasks and hats

Southern floral patterns for #MyDerbyFashion

Cutest hat with the cutest dress

Wide-brim hats are Derby fashion go-tos

No limit to suits either

Mary Poppins Style but even better

All the shades of quirky blue

No body else could top that hat

Even the furbabies have to join in!

A single theme for the entire family, love it!

So, do you have plans on what you should wear for the Kentucky Derby next year?

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