Serial Wedding Crasher Stole Gifts From 12 or More Couples in 3 States


A woman nabbed on a surveillance camera nearby an unaware couple’s wedding presents is a suspect in twelve or more wedding rip-offs since 2017.

Johnn and Madison Sacharcyzk, newlyweds, were expressing their “I dos” in front of the attendees when the inscrutable wedding crasher was caught on camera nearing the table of gifts. Madison said, “You don’t ever go to a wedding where you know every single person there. No one there would look at her, or anybody, and say ‘Who are you?’” Ironically, five couples claim the same woman targeted their nuptials as well. Authorities say 54-year-old Sandra Henson is suspected of pilfering weddings in three separate states — Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

In Alabama, after The Todd’s noticed that numerous of their cards vanished, they requested the surveillance video from the church. Anna Perez-Todd said, “They pulled the footage and they sent us a screenshot and they were like, ‘Do you know who this is?’ And my heart just sank, and I said, ‘No.’ Then she went through the rest of the church prowling around looking for purses and wallets. She went into the different ready rooms and just looking for more things to take.”

In Tennessee, Drew and Madison Rush said more than $300 was lifted from a purse. Drew noted, “We pulled the video from the church and there she was.” The couple was flabbergasted when they caught wind of the other incidents. “We’re like, holy crap, that’s the same woman who stole from us,” added Drew. Henson has refuted any impropriety.


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