A dog park with a bar will open in Buffalo next month

dog park

Barkology, near Transit at 4939 Genesee Street, is under construction and will be Buffalo’s first and only outdoor, indoor, dog park, and taproom.

A golden doodle named Jack enjoys playing with Nala (his sister) at the dog park, however, his owners typically don’t have as good of a time. Megan Sitarek said: “He would get muddy and everything, and then it would just turn into a 3-hour process with taking him for a bath, it was just a disaster.” Thereby, she and Steve Morlock, her fiance, are erecting a place where pooches can play, and their humans can decompress. “One day, we were just like, ‘I wish there was a place that we could go that was indoors so that we could go in the middle of the winter when it was storming, or when it was raining in the spring,'” explained Sitarek.

The turf in Barkology’s outdoor area was planted last week, but even though it’s not primed for customers yet, Lauren Hall brought her hirsute pal, Gucci, for a bitty whelp-sized sneak peek. One of the primary inquiries Morlock and Sitarek attract a lot is: do you have to own a dog to visit? Sitarek said, “You do not! We want everyone to come, everyone to enjoy. Even if you just want to come for a beer or a bite to eat. It’s for everyone.”

There will be a doggy daycare at Barkology during the light hours, with the saloon open on evenings and weekends. Sitarek added, “We were supposed to sort of open last February, and then covid hit so we completely stopped it. Then last summer, we got back into it when we couldn’t take our dogs anywhere.” The booze-serving dog park is provisionally set to open on April 17th. “There’s days when you work all day at home or at the office and your dog’s home, and then you want to go out for a drink with your friends, and then they’re home again all night,” furthered Sitarek. “So it’s a place where you can just come and bring your dog and have fun with your friends.”


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