Lady Gaga’s dog walker celebrates leaving hospital with mushy IG post

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Lady Gaga’s dog walker officially left the hospital today, and to celebrate, he shared an emotive IG post of him getting his dance-on.

Roughly a month ago, Ryan Fischer was shot while walking Gaga’s three French Bulldogs. Two of the pets were pilfered though ultimately found their way back home, leaving the celebrity dog walker in the hospital to recuperate from his wounds. In a monolithic update from Fischer’s individualized Instagram, he cited his entire voyage of recovery with great forthrightness and detail. While very challenging, Fischer’s course has led him to a juncture that most persons would take for granted.

Dressing in a shirt and skinny jeans, you can see Fischer’s appreciation prior to him busting into a chipper dance. After the shooting, Fischer was released from the hospital however setbacks eventually surfaced that sent him back to the hospital. throughout his hospital stay his lung had collapsed incessantly, so for it to truly heal it was decided that bits would have to be removed. Coupled with nerve damage that constrained the right side of his body, the dog walker took to heart a message given to him during this distressing time: “Recovery isn’t a straight line.”

Luckily, Fischer has got to the point where he can go home and continue to recover in more acquainted surroundings. The whole tale surrounding Koji and Gustave’s abduction, as well as the shooting of Ryan Fischer, is still being investigated. While his convalescence veered into assorted scenarios, Fischer stood tough and accepted that his health would get better through perseverance and time.


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