NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ Partners With Pinterest For Second Screen Content

NBC Biggest Loser and Pinterest Partnership

NBC’s The Biggest Loser has teamed up with social network Pinterest to provide second screen content.

Starting on Monday the TV show began directing viewers to log into their Pinterest accounts for instructional content based on the reality TV shows current episode. The shows creators also began showing pop-ups on screen to remind Pinterest users to check out healthy recipes that were being fed to contestants. The Biggest Loser notifications also offered exercise and lifestyle tips.

After users log into Pinterest they can visit The Biggest Loser page and find all of the tips from the show with big graphics and text.

With more than 41,000 Pinterest followers it made sense for NBC to gravitate away from its traditional Twitter partnership towards a new platform geared towards the very women that make up a majority of The Biggest Losers audience.

Along with show tips the Pinterest board for The Biggest Loser also includes a “Tips from the Trainer’s” section which offers matching video on the show’s web page. Beware that each tip requires two clicks to reach the final destination.

In a press release explaining the project Robert Hayes of NBC Entertainment Digital said:

“We are thrilled to be the first entertainment company to execute a partnership of this kind with Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the top sources of engagement for our content and the utility it offers its users is perfect for this kind of initiative. ‘The Biggest Loser” and Pinterest are an ideal pairing since our respective communities value inspiration, motivation and self-empowerment.”

With a focus on visual cues Pinterest is likely to fair best with the shows recipes and its various motivational graphics.

Check out the NBC and Pinterest partnership by tuning into The Biggest Loser on Monday’s at 8:00 PM.

James Kosur

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