Alex Trebek Told Kenan Thompson He Liked ‘Black Jeopardy’

black jeopardy

Recently, Kenan Thompson appeared on the YouTube show Hot Ones and spoke about Alex Trebek‘s take on ‘Black Jeopardy.’

The late Alex Trebek, the beloved host of Jeopardy, was supportive of most of the parodies about him and the TV show, and evidently, that backing stretched to the SNL sketch Black Jeopardy with Thompson. Prior to his sorrowful demise, Trebek purportedly bumped into the Good Burger actor at the NHL Awards. They conversed on a variety of topics notably the Black Jeopardy sketches and the game show host had nothing but favorable things to say.

On Hot Ones, Thompson told the fable of his and Trebek meeting and what their discussion was like. “He actually said, ‘God bless you for figuring out a way to do a Jeopardy behind the legendary Will Ferrell’s Jeopardy!’” spoke Thompson. “He was patting me on the back about that, but I was patting him on the back for probably being one of the smartest people in the world. Because it seems like he knows the answer to all of those Jeopardy questions. He has a way of responding to each question like, ‘No, of course, it’s this, and that, and the other, because I read this book or I’ve known about this historic town in Rome.’ You know what I’m saying? He was incredible.”

Trebek reportedly told Lorne Michaels, SNL producer, that he cherished the Jeopardy sketches Will Ferrell, as well. With Trebek absent from Jeopardy, the show will persist nevertheless. Right now, the program is to work through a string of guest hosts. Ken Jennings, Mike Richards, Katie Couric, and even Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers are all getting a shot to interminably host the show.


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