Moniece Slaughter claims she received death threats via phone from Dr. Dre


Reality TV star Moniece Slaughter claims to have gotten menacing calls from supposed members of Dr. Dre’s crew after publicly discussing his dating life.

Moniece spoke out recently about a questionable relationship between Apryl Jones, Love & Hip Hop co-star, and the renowned producer. The socialite’s comments came after Jones and Dre were seen last week headed to dinner. In a series of videos, Moniece expatriates on the rumored threats in addition to publishing a declared message on her Instagram story. She remarked: “You know what I did not want to believe that (Dr.) Dre was a woman beater. But after a couple of phone calls I literally just had, he’s a women beater. For sure. For f**king sure.”

“Don’t you send another motherf**ker to this phone of mine, to make one more f**king threat,” Moniece says indignantly and perturbed with tears. “And I recorded it.” In her Instagram story, the singer-songwriter doubles down on her allegations, where she adds she elected to speak up versus keeping quiet. She would rather not permit the purported thugs to browbeat her into doing otherwise. Rather, Moniece chose to hold unshakable on her position of speaking up in spite of being cautioned by friends and relatives to not do so.

She furthered: “Upon waking up today I was told that my life, along with my son’s life, and my family’s lives were in danger. That I was dealing with a very powerful man, and that I needed to be quiet, to disappear from social media, and even think about taking a vacation to clear my mind’.” Thus far, there’s been no word from either Apryl Jones or Dr. Dre in reference to Moniece’s claims.


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