Get Paid $13,000 To Lose Quarantine Stomach Fat


A fitness site is presently offering $13,000 to individuals interested in shedding their ‘quarantine love handles.’

Total Shape, a preeminent online platform for fitness and health guidance, is dedicated to helping folks live their lives to the fullest by feeling happier and healthier. A staggering amount of Americans have put on lockdown weight, prompting the health and wellness website to offer persons the opportunity to earn money by losing their ‘lockdown love handles’ while documenting their strides. The propitious hopefuls will be compensated up to $13K to stringently follow a 90-day plan minimum and must publicly track their journey on the company blog, social media, and video diaries.

What are the requirements? Glad you asked. Well, 1. You must be a Colorado resident 2. You must be inclined to get paid (yes, you read that right) and 3. You must be committed to losing undesired weight put on over the quarantine. Total Shape is seeking to test the potency of the most prominent diet and conditioning initiatives by enlisting four people to drop any pounds gained while in enforced isolation – publishing the outcomes after three months. Candidates are required also to let the company know what sorts of supplements they consume prior to and during the entire journey.

Each prospect will test various weight-loss methods, including the KETO diet, strength training, calorie counting, and increased non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Participants must be over 21, possess no underlying health conditions, and have a body mass index of 30+. Successful entrants must have a physician sign-off on involvement in the program as well. The role comes with a bonded salary of $8,000 with an incremental $5,000 accessible in milepost bonuses. “We know there’s a lot we can do to support people in their new weight loss journeys safely and effectively and we’re excited to get the first applications in,” says Tyler Sellers, a fitness coach.


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