John Krasinski’s Controversially Political, yet Hilarious, SNL Hosting Gig

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For the first episode of 2021, The Office’s John Krasinki hosted Saturday Night Live. This is Krasinski’s second time on the show, proving that he has great talents in comedic hosting. Although it had average viewer ratings, he sure brought back the same hilarity and energy similar to his first time on the show. It is the show’s forte to create satires for America’s current events, particularly focusing on political topics. With the latest talks about terrorism on Capitol hill in conjunction with Joe Biden’s Presidential win, John Krasinski’s hosting went trending for a while.

A Quiet Place II and Jack Ryan

John Krasinski is the host of SNL’s first 2021 episode and it can’t have come at a better timing. They were able to show dark humor in the recent political events but Krasinski was able to plug his new shows. Krasinski was able to film the sequel of his much-loved horror film despite the pandemic. The actor-director was nominated for SAG and Emmy awards for his direction of the movie A Quiet Place. Part II is expected to be released to the big screen in September of 2021.

He was also able to plug his TV series Jack Ryan for which he not only acts for but also produced. The show originally started in 2018 and was originally renewed for a third season. The new season may have been delayed by the pandemic (with no official release date yet) but it has been made official.

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A Kiss with Pete Davidson

All Saturday Night Live gigs start with the hosts’ monologue. Then they went on with jokes about needing someone to play the part of The Office’s Pam, and Pete just so happens to be right there. So they kissed. This part of his gig got mixed reactions online. Some people from the LGBT community did not seem entirely happy with the kiss.

Becoming a character at the Capitol Terrorism

The skit where they played random citizens who joined that Capitol riots were pure dark humor. They were telling each other, proudly, how they (fictitiously) went to the riots and what crazy thing they did there before they were arrested by the FBI one by one.

The skit was delivered hilariously. However, it was, #RealTalk, a bit of a wake-up call. Real people did say things like they did. And no matter how crazy the scenarios these characters described were, we don’t really know how crazy real rioters behaved inside the Capitol.

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