Parents Are Infuriated by a Kids’ Show About a Very Long Phallus


A children’s TV series in Scandinavia about a guy with the world’s longest phallus is inciting furor online in the subregion of six million.

John Dillermand the animated series premiered this past weekend on a publicly funded kid’s channel (analogous to PBS Kids in the U.S.). The series follows Dillermand as his unreasonably long phallus gets him into—and in some instances out of—assorted touch-and-go scenarios. In one episode, the hung Dillermand utilizes his adroit “instrument” as a leash for a pet, while in another, his nearly snake-like member evidently stirs up some disorder at the zoo.

Web users have reacted to the series with a blend of praise and repugnance. One individual posted on DR Ramasjang’s page: “Someone has to draw the line with the new John D series. I have no idea what you all were thinking in a time of me-too. And with all the frightening cases of pedophilia that exist! Should kids learn that it’s fun playing with a d*ck? That it’s just a funny thing that can fly around attached to balloons and other weird things? […] I think it’s grotesque.”

Despite the reality that Dillermand’s privates are anything but typical, some have queried why we only get to see a phallus get used as a fishing rod. A columnist wittily pointed out that the series should also star “Vulva Vibeke” who could ignite a mass fire in a bakery and then douse the flames with her lengthy labia. She writes: “Let us also have fun with the woman’s genitals and de-dramatize them.” And regardless of the backlash online, DR Ramasjang has noted they will not stop airing the show.


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