It’s not going well in Florida as they use Eventbrite for COVID-19 vaccine slots


Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to distribute the coronavirus vaccine statewide utilizing partnerships between the government and hospitals— and, evidently, Eventbrite.

Indeed, a platform best known for distributing and selling party, meetup, and concert tickets is now being called upon to distribute coronavirus vaccines to some of the most susceptible individuals in society. It is not going especially well. Persons who desire to get a vaccine are seated on Eventbrite’s pages patiently waiting for vaccine slots to become accessible, refreshing the page, and attempting to receive a spot as though it were a hot concert ticket or Playstation 5.

Via Eventbrite, the health department in the state of Florida has partnered with health departments in the counties of Monroe, Collier, Manatee, Volusia, Brevard, Pasco, Seminole, and Sarasota to put together primacy vaccination of individuals 65 years or older as well as COVID-19 testing. Healthcare providers (e.g. Baycare) have also employed Eventbrite to arrange vaccination programs and in the state are now providing drive-thru programs.

In late December, the Department of Health in Brevard County set up its Eventbrite registration after its phone line was swiftly swamped. All vaccine appointment slots were filled up fastly, making the county double its slots from 3 hours to 6 hours. The county broadened its appointment slots also to January 29th, though to up to now, all are spoken for. There are several worries about using this type of method. One is whether domestics can actually connect to the web and register for the vaccine. Another fear entails the possibleness of scalping, which has been an issue for ticketed events for a while but may not be adequately addressed.


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