Crew Members Who Quit Mission Impossible Offered Jobs By Adult Company

Mission Impossible

Crew members who quit Mission Impossible 7 after Tom Cruise‘s now-infamous rant evidently were offered gigs by an adult company.

Leaked audio of Cruise’s philippic on-set aimed at crew members purportedly not following coronavirus safety protocols recently went viral and asphalted the way for innumerable philosophical dialogues in the days after about how the scenario was dealt with and whether the actor was in the right. On the far side, however, the diatribe potentially spawned an interesting new career path for several former staffers.

Stripchat, a camming site centered around adult entertainment, is offering employment to all of the crew members who resigned early from Mission Impossible 7. Next year, the site is allegedly putting together a series that will follow the private lives of some of its cam stars, and now the former Mission: Impossible employees all have proposals to work on the project. Max Bennett, Stripchat VP, said: “I heard about the recent news and the clip of Tom Cruise’s expletive-filled rant at employees on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 for not following strict protocols put in place to avoid the spread of coronavirus. It seems there was a subsequent tirade that resulted in 5 employees quitting the movie entirely.”

Bennett continued: “I wanted to extend an offer to those employees – and any others who might quit the movie – to work for Stripchat, a leading adult webcam site that boasts cutting edge streaming technology and A/V capabilities. We’re actually planning on shooting our own series devoted to cam girls’ lives in 2021. We’re confident their skills will easily translate and they can be a valuable asset here at Stripchat as we ring in the new year. Not to mention they can work from the comfort of home! And our workplace culture is pleasant and enjoyable.”


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