Woman’s bosom ‘won’t stop growing’ and now she wears a 34O cup


Kayla Romero, 27, says her 34O jugs continue to grow and have left her with agonizing back pain from hauling around the excess weight.

Romero, a Houston native, claims she’s already outgrowing the 34O brassieres she purchased in November. “It is hard enough trying to find size O bras, which are also pricey, I have no idea how I am going to find size Ps. I don’t even want to think about how expensive they will be,” says Romero. “I have already had a look online for the next size up because my b00bs are already starting to overspill out of my new bras, but I haven’t seen a P anywhere. It is a nightmare.”

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Romero notes her bust size has been ballooning ever since she was 12. “Within a week it didn’t fit me anymore as my b00bs quickly started to grow. Within a matter of three months, I had reached a size DD, and since then my b00bs keep growing and growing. One of my most vivid memories from around this time was during gym class at school, one of the school bullies started laughing at my b00bs, saying that I had had a boob job and telling me not to run too fast or I’ll give myself a black eye. The other kids would sing ‘do your b00bs hang low? do they wobble to the floor?’ at me all the time.”

The 5ft tall Romero continued: “My b00bs hold me back from doing so much. My house is a wreck at the moment because I am in too much pain to be able to get around and clean properly. My b00bs go right down to my belly button without a bra, so it is even hard to clean myself and take care of personal hygiene. Showering, drying off, and shaving are such difficult tasks for me.” Romero added: “In the past, I have had strangers walking up to me and asking if my b00bs are real, people have even grabbed them to see if they are fake. “I have even had someone come up and motorboat me.”


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