Woman dies after dropping charging iPhone in bathtub

iPhone bathtub

A woman passed away after experiencing a significant electric shock when her plugged-up iPhone dropped in her bathtub.

24-year-old Olesya Semenova was found at her Arkhangelsk, Russia home by her flatmate. The spooked acquaintance, an estate agent named Daria, spoke to the emergency operator: “I screamed, shook her, but she was pale, did not breathe and showed no signs of life. I was really scared. When I touched her, I got an electric shock. There was a smartphone in the water, it was charging.” Paramedics reported that Semenova perished in the bathtub and that her iPhone 8 had plummeted into the water when connected to the socket.

Selfie footage from a year ago displays Semenova in her tub. Following the tragedy, the Russian emergencies ministry released a warning, the newest of a number of such deaths in the nation. “The tragedy once again reminds us that water and an electrical appliance connected to the mains are incompatible. The same applies to any mobile device. If you drown a smartphone, the worst thing is its failure. But when it is connected to the network, we see what the consequences are.”

In August, Anna K., a 15-year-old Russian schoolgirl died in Moscow after enduring an electric shock in her tub. In 2019, Liliya Novikova, a world-renowned poker star and a mathematics prodigy with an engineering first-class degree from a top-ranked Russian university, was electrocuted in her bathroom. Novikova, 26, was home by herself when she died.


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