Alcohol-infused soup on sale to keep folks buzzed and warm this winter


Mitsubishi Shokuhin, a Japanese food and beverage company, has recently launched an alcoholic soup to keep consumers’ spirits up during the current pandemic.

It’s that time of year when the frigid fingers of winter begin reaching out to freeze our rear-ends off. While stacking on additional layers of clothing is one method to combat the frosty temperatures, it’s frequently a more effective approach to heat yourself up from the inside out, say, with a soothing cup of hot soup. But honestly, wouldn’t that cup of soup be even better if it also gave you a buzz? That’s a rhetorical question as you can guess…of course, it would!

That’s the incontrovertible rationale behind this new item. Created in partnership with Yamasa (soup stock/soy sauce maker) and Toyo Beverage, Nihonshu no Dashiwari is precisely what its epithet translates to: dashi (traditional Japanese soup stock ) mixed with saké. The cup the soup comes in is microwave safe (suggested heating times are 70 seconds for 500 watts, 1 minute for 600 watts, and 30 seconds for 1,500-watt microwaves) and it’s intended to be consumed hot. And, unlike rum cake where the heat obliterates most of the alcohol, the sake soup maintains a 4% alcohol content even after microwaving.

Nihonshu no Dashiwari’s ratio is three parts dashi to one part sake. Dashi isn’t fishy tasting particularly in spite of the marine-concentrated ingredient list, and Mitsubishi Shokuhin touts that the boozy broth has a complex yet seamless flavor that balances tart, salty and sweet notes. Priced at $1.90 (198 yen), Nihonshu no Dashiwari is available to curious buyers now.


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